Don't let holiday food ruin your progress!

Many of my clients get great results with their healthy eating plan and then BOOM the holidays hit. Many people gain an average of 7-10 lbs. between Christmas and New Year's Eve. If this time of the year is a struggle for you, ask yourself if over eating is worth blowing your progress. Make the those family get together's special, but still productive for your health.

Here are some tips that help our clients...

1. Drink plenty of water the day of your event.

At least half your body weight in ounces. Example: 150 lbs divided by 2 = 75. So 75 ounces a day is the minimum.

2. Mix our favorite Fiber from Systemic Formula's in water and drink it 30 minutes before your meal.

This will make you less hungry and studies show that fiber binds with sugars and simple carbohydrates that pass before they absorb into the bloodstream. This will help stabilize blood sugar levels. This prebiotic Fiber is absolutely essential for the re-colonization of beneficial probiotic species in the G.I. Tract and helps maintain and proliferate beneficial colonies. This is a Psyllium-free product.

3. We have a few supplements that we keep for events such as these just for our clients.

We know that we aren't going to be perfect eaters all the time. We call it the "Weekend Warrior" stack. The products are by Systemic Formula's, and the first one is called Z-Glut. This formula is a combination of concentrated enzymes and herbs designed to support the digestion of gluten and casein. The second product is Enzee. Enzee is a potent herb-based formula containing highly effective enzymes that focus on carbohydrate breakdown.

4. Allow yourself 2 hours during your event to eat whatever your want.

Feel satisfied and NOT upset that you were not able to resist the savory dishes. Understand that it will speed up your metabolism which will make this meal work in your favor instead of against you. (Remember your metabolism works like a furnace not a calculator). After the 2 hour mark stop eating. Jump right back on your healthy eating plan at your next meal.

5. Send the left overs with family members and take none with you.

6. Follow your meal with Hot Lemon Water, or Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

This is a natural way to aid in digestion, balance your stomach's pH and reduce acid reflux or heartburn.

7. Strategically schedule your Light Sessions around these two days.

One day prior to your event, and the day after. Each session burns between 400-600 calories.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Melanie and Morgan along with the entire staff at Bello Voi are fantastic. Everyone is extremely knowledgeable, caring, understanding, and truly enjoy seeing everyone succeed in their journey to better health. My journey was not always easy, but they were there to push me through the hard days, and celebrate each step forward. With the start of the 2 week detox program, Melanie's guidance on nutrition, Red Light Therapy, and body wraps I was not only able to hit my goal, but exceed the numbers I had set. My 5 month journey was a complete lifestyle change, but I was able to loose 17 pounds and a total of 25" overall!! I HIGHLY recommend making that first appointment. It will change your life, and self confidence!

    Keri Meyer

  • I’m so happy to become a member of Bello Voi! This place is definitely a hidden gem! I always look forward to some self care time with my Red Light Therapy sessions. Morgan is very professional, knowledgeable, and personable. She makes sure everything is perfect and provides a zen experience. Her assistant, Koree is also very sweet & helpful!

    Jackie Pham

  • Morgan was so awesome, polite and was perfect and my first session went great..Morgan gave great home instructions for my nutrition diet

    Ethel Molden

  • I was truly shocked at how well my treatments worked in a short amount of time. I have struggled to lose weight over the years because I work so much. 30 minutes 2x a week was easy. I lost 28 lbs in 6 weeks with my light sessions. The staff is so knowledgeable, and I can tell that they put their heart and attention into their clients. Bello Voi’s Red Light Machine was able to cover my entire body. I have seen other places offer similar services around my home town, but the atmosphere at Bello Voi helped me to relax at the same time I got my treatment. As a client I also get discounts on supplements and other services that they offer.

    Dale Burns

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