How do you make Xeomin last longer?

When you invest in cosmetic treatment or beauty products, you expect it to offer results for a long period. This is the case with serums and creams with a high price and, of course, cosmetic injectables such as Xeomin and Botox.

Injectables are the best way to treat facial wrinkles, deep lines, and other skin-related issues. Many patients recommend this cosmetic treatment because it offers long-lasting results. Once you start having Xeomin treatment, you should normally require to manage your outcome by having your injectable every 5-6 months. In many cases, the results of this treatment vary according to the patients. Many people enjoy up to 6-7 months of wrinkle and line-free facial skin, while others only require visiting a dermatologist every 11 months to manage the results.   

So the main question is: What can make Botox last longer? If you are looking for the answer to this question, you are in the right place. In this session, you will find the best ways to maintain the result of Xeomin treatment.    

Tips to make Xeomin last longer 

Unfortunately, there are no options to make the outcome of Xeomin last forever, but there are different things that you can do to maintain the results of neurotoxin injectable. Follow these tips to make Xeomin last longer:

Moisturize your affected skin 

A high-quality facial moisturizer is important to keep your facial skin healthy and smooth. It includes hyaluronic acid and collagen that can plump your skin and improve the appearance of facial skin. It also helps to decrease the breakdown of the Xeomin within your facial muscles and maintain the result of injectable.    

Facial exercises 

While pressure or massage directly on the affected area is not recommended after Xeomin treatment, facial exercises can help. After the Xeomin session, your dermatologist may suggest performing facial exercises. It helps spread the toxin around the affected area and prolong the result of treatment.

Avoid excessive sun exposure. 

Many dermatologists suggest avoiding excessive sun exposure after the Xeomin treatment. Overexposure to the UV rays of the sun can reverse the advantages of neurotoxin injectable. In order to `maintain the result of your Xeomin treatment in baton rouge, you need to avoid the outdoors during peak UV hours, use a high-quality, broad-spectrum sunscreen and wear a wide-brimmed hat. UV rays from the sun can damage your skin and cause inflammation and other skin-related issues. Sunscreen products can help you protect your skin from the sun and improve the results of neurotoxin injectables.

Healthy diet 

A healthy diet can directly affect the health and the appearance of your skin. Avoid packaged and processed food in order to improve the results of your neurotoxin injectable. Extreme weight loss, especially on your face, can decrease the longevity and effectiveness of anti-aging injections.  

Consume Zinc supplement 

According to the study, a good level of Zinc in the body can extend the results of Xeomin treatment. By taking a zinc supplement, you can prolong the anti-aging effects of Xeomin. Please consult with your doctor before consuming any Zinc supplement. Excessive amounts of zinc intake can also affect your health and cause other skin-related issues.


Proper skincare is vital to extend the result of any cosmetic treatment. People who drink plenty of water and moisturize the skin will improve the water-absorption effect of hyaluronic-based fillers. Skincare helps affected areas to remain wrinkle-free and plump. You can also contact a trusted and experienced skincare expert for a healthy skincare routine.

Less stress

Stress has a variety of detrimental effects on your body, including hastening the aging process and enhancing common indicators of age. Reduce needless stress-inducers from your life while including stress-relieving activities like meditation or yoga into your day to maximize the advantages of your injections.

Maintenance treatment 

A maintenance treatment schedule with your doctor is the best approach to extend the life of your Xeomin results. Make your appointments before the effects of your treatment wear off. Xeomin treatments on a regular basis are especially beneficial because they train targeted muscles to respond to the neurotoxin for extended lengths of time. Trust your doctor and be patient. Don’t visit the clinic for Xeomin regularly because if you have too many treatments too soon, your muscles may become resistant to Xeomin or react negatively in other ways.

Final words:

Xeomin treatment in Baton Rouge can be an excellent way to achieve a smoother-looking appearance and improve your skin health if you are concerned about deep lines and wrinkles. This treatment offers instant results but required ongoing appointments and continued maintenance in order to extend the effect of Xeomin. You can schedule a talk with one of our professional experts today and also follow the above-mentioned tips to maintain the outcome of Xeomin treatment.  


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