The Truth Behind What's Causing Your Cravings & Healthy Ways to Satisfy Them

If You Crave...

What You Really Need Is...

It's 3:30 p.m., you've had a day that's been jammed pack with meetings, appointments, and running errands that have taken you all over the city. On a normal day at this time you are craving something sweet, but after a day like today your are an all out fiend.​​

Ever wonder why?

We can almost guarantee that it is not because what ever your go to sweet treat is, is irresistibly delicious, but that you are probably lacking a certain nutrient in your diet.

In this Wellness Wednesday post, we are giving you the skinny on what could actually be causing these cravings and as an added bonus, we'll show you healthy options to satisfy your hunger!

Keep reading for some great information!

1.  Chocolate

Chocolate cravings usually result from a lack of magnesium in your body.In stead of hitting the candy isle at the closest gas station, reach for some raw nuts and seeds instead. Fruit is another great alternative and it's good for your body! Some good fruits to chose from are: oranges, cantaloupe, grapes, watermelon, grapefruit, honeydew melons, bananas, strawberries, and blueberries.

2.  Soda & Other Carbonated Drinks

Your body is trying to tell you that it needs calcium.  Here's another important piece of advice for you--the solution for getting more calcium is not always milk (while milk is a source of calcium, our recommendations take a different approach).Trade in the soda for something green and leafy instead!  Satisfy your craving for carbonation with these healthy options: mustard and turnip greens, broccoli, kale, legumes, cheese or sesame.

3. Preference For Solids Over Liquids

If you find yourself really CRAVING solid food as apposed to something liquid, you need to focus on increasing your water intake.This craving is usually caused by dehydration.  You have been dehydrated for so longthat you have lost your thirst.   Flavor your water using real lemons or limes to put a stop to the craving. 

REMEMBER: You should consume at least 1/2 your body weight in oz. of water DAILY!

4.  Salty Foods

In the mood for something salty? Before you grab a bag of chips, take a minute to find out why....the nutrient your body is lacking in is chloride.Instead of eating chips that are high in fats and oils, try eating some not so oily fish seasoned with your favorite spices, pepper, and unrefined sea salt.

Are there ever times where it seems like your cravings are the ones in control?  

It's time for you to take back control over your cravings!

What is leaky gut?

Leaky gut is defined by Emeran Mayer MD, a professor of medicine at UCLA and the director of the Oppenheimer Center for Neurobiology of Stress and Resilience, as "the microbes that gain access to our immune cells that are located below the intestinal lining".When this happens our body's natural response is to trigger a reaction called metabolic toxemia. Metabolic Toxemia is the low-grade immune response that activates throughout the body as though you have an infection. This activation will not allow the body to satisfy hunger cravings, and will give you many food aversions. This can trigger the brain to grab foods unusually often and without much thought at all. Just as though we are a robot eating unconsciously in routine motion. We know we are NOT supposed to be grabbing that sugar filled candy bar as our body craves it, but auto-reactionary we still do it.

How does leaky gut change the micro-biomes in your GI tract?

What is a micro-biome you ask? Let me give you a visual: Imagine a rock underneath the water of a river or ocean. It's that green growth that covers the rock over time. That is the gut sludge we accumulate inside our intestines where our food moves through. The thicker that sludge, the less vitamins we absorb from the food we eat. Eventually, our food moves through without much absorption, until we are chronically low in vitamins or minerals. This prevents the feed back loop to our brain of many hormones that affect our hunger and satiety. We know from all the talk of sugar addiction that it is bad for us, but any diet high in sugar, fats, and low in fiber changes the dynamic of your gut bacteria and increases the bad micro-biomes (gut sludge). This can affect our entire body and impact our health greatly! It ultimately increases our body weight, creates insulin sensitivity and resistance, and maintains a constant state of low grade inflammation throughout our body because it is full of bacteria, fungi, or even viruses. When we have inflammation, our body refuses to go through a process of release (including waste, toxins, fat, and water content). It is an emergency response our body has under stress in fear of dying. So we stay overweight, and even become more overweight as time goes on.

So, now lets apply this to one of the most popular fad diets right now: the "keto" diet. The ketogenic diet does nothing to counter or correct this negative micro-biome shift. The reason is because it is a high fat, high protein diet that isn't giving us enough fiber. Fiber comes from vegetables and fruits which is not part of the ketogenic diet. The rule of the Keto-Diet is to get 80% of your daily caloric intake of calories from fats and the other 20% from proteins.

FYI: Polyunsaturated fats like oils, seeds, increase the inflammation in our gut leading to an exacerbated gut sludge problem.

This, in addition to processed white sugar leads to more bad gut bugs that resist weight loss and increase the inflammation even more. So, when you stop the fad diet you are on, your weight goes right back to where it began plus 5-10 extra pounds...

What that says for your health and weight loss efforts?

In an journal published in PubMed called Physiology & Behavior, concludes that prior to eating, a hunger hormone signals the brain that we are hungry. Ghrelin is a gastric peptide in the stomach that rises prior to meals and falls when food is consumed. This is our hunger hormone trigger. Ghrelin transports across the blood - brain barrier to the hypothalamus (in our brain) triggering hunger which gives the feeling of satiety. After eating, we have a release of hormones by our enteroendocrine cells. It takes 15 minutes after starting a meal for this hormone to release. Fatty foods will delay this response as compared to carbohydrates. If you have leaky gut, the signal never reaches the brain, and you will continue to eat without any fulfillment....

What does inflammation do to your body?

Inflammation can do many things to the body, such as autoimmune diseases that may lay dormant in your DNA that can shift and awaken causing a new unhealthy chronic problem.

Inflammation can cause:

Just to name a few of the well known diseases that are linked to Chronic Inflammation... are Rheumatoid Arthritis, Celiac Disease, Heart Disease, Cancer, and Psoriasis.

What you can do to change this microbiome shift, and lower the inflammation?

Taking additional digestive enzymes, which we have an amazing all natural active enzyme supplement that you consume 30-45 minutes before meals. Add fiber to your daily regimen. Fiber from plants is the most natural and important source for you to consume, but if you find your diet lacking, we have an amazing fiber supplement. Our fiber is colorless, tasteless, and all natural, that you can add to any meal or smoothie. Stay away from sugar, and polyunsaturated fats like the ones used in a keto diet.

1. Drink plenty of water the day of your event.

At least half your body weight in ounces. Example: 150 lbs divided by 2 = 75. So 75 ounces a day is the minimum.

2. Mix our favorite Fiber from Systemic Formula's in water and drink it 30 minutes before your meal.

This will make you less hungry and studies show that fiber binds with sugars and simple carbohydrates that pass before they absorb into the blood stream. This will help stabilize blood sugar levels. This prebiotic Fiber is absolutely essential for re-colonization of beneficial probiotic species in the G.I. Tract, and helps maintain and proliferate beneficial colonies. This is a Psyllium free product.

3. We have a few supplements that we keep for events such as these just for our clients.

We know that we aren't going to be perfect eaters all the time. We call it the "Weekend Warrior" stack. The products are by Systemic Formula's, and the first one is called Z-Glut. This formula is a combination of concentrated enzymes and herbs designed to support the digestion of gluten and casein. The second product is Enzee. Enzee is a potent herb-based formula containing highly effective enzymes that focus on carbohydrate breakdown.

4. Allow yourself 2 hours during your event to eat whatever your want.

Feel satisfied and NOT upset that you were not able to resist the savory dishes. Understand that it will speed up your metabolism which will make this meal work in your favor instead of against you. (Remember your metabolism works like a furnace not a calculator). After the 2 hour mark stop eating. Jump right back on your healthy eating plan at your next meal.

5. Send the left overs with family members and take none with you.

6. Follow your meal with Hot Lemon Water, or Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

This is a natural way to aid in digestion, balance your stomach's pH and reduce acid re-flux or heart burn.

7. Strategically schedule your Light Sessions around these two days.

One day prior to your event, and the day after. Each session burns between 400-600 calories.

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