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Hyaluronic Pen Filler Our most popular service yet!

Add volume to your lips & face without needles.
Hyaluronic Pen Fillers are a popular choice for reducing the facial lines and wrinkles that result from aging. Perhaps you are looking for a more plump, fuller lip, then consider the needless technique. The Hyaluronic Pen Fillers are also a popular choice for this because it lasts 6-12 months, and needles aren't needed. YAY!

Get 10% OFF on Your First Visit

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what else can we use this technique for?

Wrinkles, fine and deep. Adding plumpness to the cheeks. Fixing the bump on the bridge of the nose to soften the curves.  

Once applied, it will plump-up facial skin or lips that may have lost volume or elasticity as part of the aging process, filling in wrinkles from the inside and making the skin appear younger and hydrated and rejuvenated.

how does it actually work though?

While it is said to be new to the beauty industry, the Hyaluronic PEN has actually been around for a few decades but with a very different use: inserting insulin in the skin for diabetics. Finally, now introduced for the face.

Yes, there has been a lot of scientific experiments done regarding the Hyaluronic Pen’s and its true ability to fill areas like the lips, face, neck, etc., without the use of a needle.

how does it work exactly?

The pressure from the Hyaluronic Pen is strong enough to push the liquid mixture into the skin. Just like all other needle type lip fillers that are on the market, the Hyaluronic Pen fillers are also not permanent!

So why would you want this technique, over any other filler technique?

Well for one it doesn't make you cry like the needle type! Phew!

Since the procedure is non-invasive, your risk of bruising and swelling is MUCH lower, and the possibility of effects and risks are also much smaller!

What is The Liquid Filler Mixture Made Of?

Each lip filler technique offers a different mixture, but the same base ingredient– hyaluronic acid. So it depends on the area and overall look you want to achieve. Your technician will tell you in your one-on-one consultation. Did you know humans make Hyaluronic Acid naturally? You know, like in our younger days. 

This is why the chances of having an allergic reaction to these fillers are very low! We all have Hyaluronic Acid naturally in our bodies already.

So why do humans have it? Whats the purpose?

it’s purpose is to retain water in the skin tissues. Because as we age, the hyaluronic acid has trouble binding with water, thus making our facial skin, such as the lips, forehead, and overall face, look less youthful than we would like. 

Why Choose Bello Voi's Hyaluronic Pen Fillers?

For one. we are awesome, and secondly, If you hate needles this is your alternative. 

For people who have a needle-phobia and are looking to plump Lips, Cheeks, and reduce the depth of Lines and Wrinkles, no needle Hyaluronic Filler Pen treatment is an affordable pain-free option.

It is important when choosing the type of look you are wanting to achieve, that you choose professionals in that field. We are certified, and love fulfilling this service!

Many places offer fillers as part of their regular service menu, but that doesn’t make them an absolute pro when it comes to filling! 

Our entire team is completely certified in the Hyaluronic Pen Filler technique, and might we say, we’re damn good at it!!

Not only that, but we LOVE doing it– and you know we do this on ourselves and each other as well! We have to look the part. This is one of our personal favs. We find the things we love the most, and know our clients will love them too. and offer it as a service to them. As a business of young people, we are up to date on all the current styles, techniques, and trends in the industry. Let us help you become your most beautiful you. 

Hyaluronic Acid costs $200 per mL. The total amount needed is based on the look and area desired. 

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  • Melanie and Morgan along with the entire staff at Bello Voi are fantastic. Everyone is extremely knowledgeable, caring, understanding, and truly enjoy seeing everyone succeed in their journey to better health. My journey was not always easy, but they were there to push me through the hard days, and celebrate each step forward. With the start of the 2 week detox program, Melanie's guidance on nutrition, Red Light Therapy, and body wraps I was not only able to hit my goal, but exceed the numbers I had set. My 5 month journey was a complete lifestyle change, but I was able to loose 17 pounds and a total of 25" overall!! I HIGHLY recommend making that first appointment. It will change your life, and self confidence!

    Keri Meyer

  • I’m so happy to become a member of Bello Voi! This place is definitely a hidden gem! I always look forward to some self care time with my Red Light Therapy sessions. Morgan is very professional, knowledgeable, and personable. She makes sure everything is perfect and provides a zen experience. Her assistant, Koree is also very sweet & helpful!

    Jackie Pham

  • Morgan was so awesome, polite and professional..services was perfect and my first session went great..Morgan gave great home instructions for my nutrition diet

    Ethel Molden

  • I was truly shocked at how well my treatments worked in a short amount of time. I have struggled to lose weight over the years because I work so much. 30 minutes 2x a week was easy. I lost 28 lbs in 6 weeks with my light sessions. The staff is so knowledgeable, and I can tell that they put their heart and attention into their clients. Bello Voi’s Red Light Machine was able to cover my entire body. I have seen other places offer similar services around my home town, but the atmosphere at Bello Voi helped me to relax at the same time I got my treatment. As a client I also get discounts on supplements and other services that they offer.

    Dale Burns

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